Monday, May 23, 2011

An Overdue Metamorphosis

Many of us would like to have a granted wish. It maybe a work we longed to get, a thing we fancy, the latest gadget we want, clothes, jewelry, money etc. But for some like me, I only have one wish. I wish I can get noticed, I wish to get some attention. Don’t get me wrong, I have family, friends and colleague who give me that. What I want is something they can’t give, something only drawn from someone who wants to know me better and somehow love for what I am.

However, people of today are very judgmental and cruel. People tend to judge us from what they see. Most of them are attracted and get motivated with what they see. Basically, we want to be with someone we have a high regard for, someone we like. Having this in mind, I thought I should improve the way I look so people can start noticing me. Anyway, it is only rare that we find someone who’ll look for our inner beauty. Instead we have to let ourselves shine for everyone to see. And so I assessed myself, I want to start with my body.

Looking at my physique, one major thing that I need is to shape up and start toning muscles. Last time I checked I was included in the bracket of obesity. I have some fair share of attempts in achieving my desired body however all of that failed. I even enrolled myself to a gym to get physically fit that only ended unsuccessfully. And to this point I still am out of shape.

I came to a conclusion that fitness is something we don’t get overnight; it is not something we immediately get. DISCIPLINE plays a big role in this act. Something most of us need to master before we start to take some action.

At this point I am starting set some goals and things I want to achieve as well as a time frame on each goal. I also did some research on what food to eat and some exercises or routines to do. And according to my friend who happens to be a nutritionist, it is not enough to cut the food you eat just to lose weight or to be slim, we have to move our muscles as well to get that perfect shape.

I take all this as one step towards achieving self-betterment. This effort may not land me a relationship but at least I did myself a huge favor. I realized that it is never late for someone to change. It is only us who decide who we are going to be in the future.


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