Sunday, May 29, 2011

Battle with Stress

Working in a call center was never been easy. Everybody thinks this is the easiest job on earth. Most people think that our job is to just sit and talk. Well you got it all wrong. I saw this clip in the TV about the most stressful jobs in the Philippines, and guess what? Call center work is at the top of the list.

Having this in mind, I thought I should find some ways on fighting stress. I listed the things I like doing most which some how helps me drift away from stress. Here you go:

Trip to the Spa: Nobody will argue with me when I say that this is best way to relieve stress. Full body massage will definitely get you pampered. There are a lot of spas around the metro. Some comes cheap while others offer a great deal of massage and all you can eat buffet. Just find a spa that suits your taste and your pocket as well.

Watch a feel-good-movie: Get your chips and lemonade ready so you can start watching some comedy movie. This may sound cliché but as we all know, laughter is the best medicine. Don’t get yourself down and dwell on some negative things. Instead watch some movie that will surely make you laugh out loud. Oh and by the way, this is best done when you’re with some friends or family. You don’t want to look ridiculous laughing in the couch alone.

Comfort Foods: A cup chocolate sundae and fries or chicken and pizza or chocolate bars and chips are my comfort foods. They say that we still have a child within us and the best way to bring it out from us is to satisfy our cravings. Eat all you want and eat all you can but don’t forget to hit the gym to keep you on shape. You don’t want another reason to get yourself stressed right?


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